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On January 8, 2020, Lynn's song "Man's Best Friend", written by her after the devastating loss of her beloved Dexter (pictured above), was selected as one of 5 finalist songs in the Country category of the year long SongDoor International Songwriting Competition for 2019. There were over 10,000 songs entered into the country category alone and 10's of thousands entered into the overall contest. Lynn has made her finalist placing demo available for download and streaming for a limited time. Click Dexter's photo above to go to the page where the song is located.  Click here to see the SongDoor finalists list in all categories.

Lynn Carey Saylor is a passionate rescue dog Mom, advocate for animal rights and supports non-profit organizations such as  #AdoptDontShop


Lynn is pictured here with Cassi, one of 3 wonderful dogs she had the good fortune to find and adopt after finding them on the Rescue Me website. Please visit their site and consider adopting if you are able to open your heart and home to an in-need animal or make a donation to support the great work they are doing! Thank you!!


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